Pfizer Animal Genetics High-Density (HD) 50K MVPs

Implications for Use:

The HD 50K Angus product produces Molecular Value Predictions for 13 traits and the first molecular-based index in the industry. Producers now have greater opportunity to increase the probability of making more accurate genetic selection decisions than in the past. HD 50K Angus allows producers to differentiate between young animals with limited information..... Additionally, HD 50K Angus allows more accurate information to be realized on the female side of genetic selection than was possible in the past.

Key Points:

  • HD 50K provides genomic predictions for Black Angus cattle for a suite of 14 production, efficiency, yield and quality traits, including the beef industry's first DNA-based economic index
  • HD 50K Angus is the first DNA diagnostic test using more than 50,000 single nucleotide polymorphisims to maximize precision of selection.
  • HD 50K explains genetic variation for a greater number of traits and delivers higher reliability, ultimately expanding selection opportunities.
  • The economic selection index, $MVP, simplifies appropriate multiple-trait selection for growth, efficiency and carcass merit traits that contribute to profitability in the U. S. feedlot industry.
  • Simulation of added $ value from a more-informed selection decision by the seedstock producer results in added profitability for the commercial bull customer through genetic improvement in the marketed product.

Definitions of Traits Included in the High-Density 50K for Angus Product:

Trait and Abbreviation Units Description
Birth Weight BW lbs. The weight of a calf taken within 24 hours after birth
Calving Ease Direct CED % Predicts differences in genetic merit for the likelihood of unassisted births when mated to first-calf heifers, with calving ease considered as a trait of the calf
Adjusted Weaning Weight WW lbs. 205 -day adjusted weaning weight as defined by BIF (2006):(Adj. 205-Day Wean Wt. = (( Wean Wt. - Birth Wt.)/Weaning Age) X 205 + Age-of-Dam Adj.), measured from 160 to 250 days of age.
Average Daily Gain ADG lbs./day Average lbs. of liveweight gain during the testing period, calculated as lbs./day on an unfasted basis. The standard test period is 70 days. Growth data was computed for each animal by regressing bi-weekly weights on number of days on test.
Dry Matter Intake DMI lbs./day Weight of feed (lbs.dry matter) consumed per day by an animal during a 70-day test period while in a feedlot. Feed composition was fixed within the trial.
Net Feed Intake NFI lbs./day The difference between an animal's actual and expected feed intake based on its body weight and growth rate in lbs., calculated from the residual after fitting DMI = ADG + MTW + CG, where DMI is dry matter intake, MTW is mid-test weight, and CG is contemporary group.
Hot Carcass Weight CW lbs. Weight of carcass, prior to chilling, adjusted for age
Fat Thickness FAT inches Fat thickness measured at 3/4 the lateral distance across the longissimus dorsi from the spine at carcass split between 12th and 13th ribs, adjusted for age.
Ribeye Area REA inches Longissimus dorsi cross-sectional area at carcass split between the 12th and 13th ribs, adjusted for age.
Marbling Score MS USDA system USDA marbling score converted to numeric units from 100 - 1000 as per BIF (2006), adjusted for age.
Tenderness TND lbs. Peak force from a standard Warner-Bratzler Shear Force (WBSF) test for a 1/2-inch core of longissimus dorsi, lbs. (aged for 14 days)
Calving Ease Maternal CEM % Predicts genetic differences in the likelihoood of unassisted births in first-calf heifers when calving ease is considered as a trait of the dam.
Milking Ability MA lbs. Maternal contribution to progeny weaning weight expressed at 205 days of age.
$MVP Feedlot $MVP $ Molecular Value Prediction - Feedlot ($MVP) economic index gives an estimate of differences in the profitability, in dollars, based on net genetic merit (MVPs) to produce valuable carcasses when sold on a Certified Angus Beef (CAB) grid.

Pfizer web site; https://animalhealth.pfizer.com/sites/pahweb/US/EN/Products/Pages/HD50K%20for%20Angus.aspx

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